Thursday, 25 August 2016

Discover Why You Should Steer Clear of These 3 Essay Services

 As with anything that can be found in large numbers, essay services can sometimes offer poor value for your money. Sorting the good from the bad can be a time-consuming and tricky experience, considering you can’t always know where they stand until you’ve already placed and received an order. Risking your money this way is not worthwhile for students, so we will rise up to the task. In doing so, we aim to provide an unbiased source of information regarding these services, something that you can’t get by looking at the marketing content and testimonials on their websites.
With that being said, this article will cover three essay services that we recommend avoiding. Although they are not fraud or scam,their overall quality disappoints.

This company has its focus on academic writing services: research papers, theses, dissertations, as well as proofreading and editing, to name a few. Fairly standard services. The website claims to have over 500 writers with Ph.D. degrees, a fairly dubious claim when you think of the other career opportunities they would normally be provided with.
Unfortunately, the writing quality does nothing to support that statement. The paper we ordered had various instances of improper grammar, the research done was unimpressive and the arguments fairly incoherent. By reading other customer reviews outside of the site, we noticed we weren’t a rare case.
Customer support was neither particularly informative nor able to ensure that our problems with the paper will be fixed. Prices are also above average for the industry, increasing even more if you choose the Advanced or Premium level instead of Standard.
Discounts are available in forms seen at many other services. A 20% promo code is offered for new customers, yet there were no periodic coupon codes mentioned anywhere. Regular price drops are offered based on the number of pages previously ordered.
Overall, we feel that this service does not provide an acceptable level of quality.

Ths is one of the oldest services out there, being on the market for 19 years now. Services offered are fairly standard when it comes to academic writing, no different than those provided by the previous service mentioned.
The first thing we noticed when doing our research before a review was that the samples submitted were found on other websites as well, making it impossible to tell their original source. More than that, the writing is simplistic, having basic sentences, unaesthetic word repetitions and generally looks as if it was written by a teenager. A far cry from the exceptional writers promised.
We experienced similar problems in our paper as well, making us realize this is not something that can be fixed with a revision. We did try but did not see much improvement after contacting the customer support. All in all, the product received is not something we would dare to present at the college level, which is what our order was for.
Prices are above average, making it very difficult for us to find positives regarding this website. Discounts are available in the usual forms: 20% off for new customers, and 5 to 15% based on the previous number of pages ordered, for those returning.

This is the last of the disappointing services we are looking at today. As you would now know based on a below-mediocre rating, writing quality proved to be one of our biggest complaints. The paper looked as if it had been written by someone not very experienced with the English language.
Our attempts to have it fixed using the customer support department lead to no acceptable result. Prices were also above average, with no discounts in sight, leaving us no choice but to recommend you to stay away from this service.
The promises on sites like these can be deceiving, so we advise you that you do proper research before picking one.

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